7/15/20 - Updates on the 32% of homeowners who missed their July mortgage payments

7/8/20 - The Mentor's Mentor with RG Williams

7/1/20 - Last LIVE walk through of our St. Paul renovation!!!

6/24/20 - An interview with Matt Hedstrom of Rehab Estimator Pro!

6/17/20 - Is now a good time for me to sell my house. 5 tips to help you sell your home!

6/10/20 - A deeper dive into building a good team for your business

6/3/20 - Our latest walk through on our St. Paul renovation!!

5/26/20 - Growing your Business Team in 5 Easy Steps!

5/21/20 - Our latest walk through.... we are getting close to the end of our 6 week timeline

See the latest progress on our project

5/19/20 - Forbearance Update

Jen Greene provides an informative update on the status of the forbearance

5/14/20 - Simplifying Insurance

A conversation with Jason Stendalen with C4 insurance

5/12/20 - Home improvement DIY projects!!

Jen Greene will show you a few tricks to spruce up your home

5/7/20 - The latest property walk through

5/5/20 - Estate Planning in Minnesota

An Interview with Joe Field

4/30/20 - An Update on the Residential Construction Market With Brian Zabrock

A conversation with Mark Zabrock of Aspire Builders on the state of the residential construction market

4/28/20 - Latest updates on the mortgage forbearance and real estate transactions

A conversation with Kristen Christie, Lead Executive Closer with Lake Title

4/23/20 - A walk through of our next house!

See a descriptive walk through of Property Haus' newest acquisition in st paul

4/21/20 - Keeping your home in bankruptcy

an interview with Gabe Ruffolo a short sale specialist

4/16/20 - How to Run Your Real Estate Business Virtually in Today's Market

A discussion with Jonathan Wright of Canada Property Partners

4/14/20 - A Current Pulse on the Mortgage Forbearance and Real Estate Market

Jen discusses information regarding stimulus checks, forebarance applications, terminoligy confusion, how paybacks may work and the current state of the real estate market

4/9/20 - How To run a business that doesn’t run you

A discussion with Rachel Schneider of REI Blueprint

4/7/20 - 3 Easy Steps to Adjust your Life and Business to the New Normal

Jen discusses the adjustments needed during the new pandemic

4/4/20 - Are you being negatively impacted by the iBuyer back out?

Quick buy resources like Zillow are now pulling back on buying homes online.

4/2/20 - Health Care Directives, Power of Attorneys, Wills and More

An interview with Elder Estate Attorneys Jill Sauber and Sarah Sicheneder

Join Jennifer Greene of Property Haus as she interviews two elder law attorneys regarding health care directives, wills and power of attorneys. 

3/31/20 - Keeping Our Seniors Engaged During the COVID-19 Pandemic

An interview with the founder of willGather, Nicole Will

Jennifer & Nicole discuss keeping our seniors safe and engaged during this precarious time.

3/26/20 - Foreclosures, short sales and the MN Mortgage Freeze

Jennifer Greene of Property Haus provides updates on the mortgage free and all thing foreclosure

Jennifer Greene of Property Haus provides updates on the every changing developments resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Jen discusses everything related to foreclosures - sheriff's auctions, redemption periods, short sales and more.

3/24/20 - Evictions, Short Sales and Foreclosures

An interview with experienced short sale negotiator Gabe Ruffolo.

Jennifer Greene of Property Haus and Gabe Ruffolo - Short Sale Negotiator discuss the changes made by the federal government related to the COVID-19 crisis.  Learn what this means for you.

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